About the Mountain Side

There is an old Hawaiian legend of the Naupaka flower which grows in two spots of the islands, Makai toward the shore and Mauka, toward the mountain. This rare flower only grows in these two areas and the appearance looks like half of the flower bloomed. From the old Hawaiian love story, one represents each lover, Makai, his near the shore and Mauka, hers near the mountains.
With a soul like the flower of her own, she moved from the mountains toward the ocean where she would not bloom and her petals we’re simply falling away. From the fully packed city with everything you would need in sight, fancy cars, artsy dishes, sparkling diamonds and society’s expectations, she traveled back to the land where her heart called home, some would call it the land of nothing, to find an abundance of anything she ever needed; acceptance, excitement and love.
She wasn’t made from sugar and spice. She wasn’t made to just be pretty, she was inspired to make you feel something, something that was heavy, raw and real. She was addictive because she possessed a pure heart accompanied by a dirty mind. She was derived from adventure, fine beer, brains and not one fear. Raised on the mountain side of life, she was captured by the society of the city until she found how to set herself free. 
She created Mauka Collective with the intent of many dreams that would come together in unity. Born and raised on the Pacific West Coast, with mountain ranges, warm beaches and the vacant deserts of California, Mauka Collective encompasses originality, creativity and freedom. Mauka Collective is about revisiting your roots, reminded of easier days where all that mattered was the wind whistling in your hair, the sun warming your skin, the music that hit your soul, and the child like feeling that everything will be okay. It's not about the tangible things in life, but about family, friends and all the memories you create along the way.