Mauka's First Shot

Mauka's first shot

Well ladies, this was our first rodeo at a photo shoot and it was a success! We had Stacie Lopa and mountain native Hannah Simmons model and the extremely talented Cailtlin Kanayan as our photographer. It seemed like a rodeo, even though the entire experience went very well we had some challenges along the way, but great attitudes make the world of a difference. Making sure that hair and make-up looks good in scorching California heat was the least of our worries. After a broken down Jeep, rolling around in dirt and dust, attack of the ants and a case of the munchies we got a ton of great shots and had a great day having fun together while working. Life is about the challenges you exprience and it all depends on your attitude to either make it an ordeal or adventure! Hence the mountain side of life. 



-Sam Bam